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Patient Testimonials

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I am a severe chronic allergy sufferer. I am also an RN with over 20 years in the hospital settings. I was a non-believer of chiropractic treatment. At a medical seminar I stumbled upon a brochure stating that chiropractic therapy can help people with environmental allergens. I had tried so many other treatments that gave me some temporary relief. I have had 2 severe sinus surgeries that included creating additional drainage areas. I had decided to just continue taking all my medicine and that was that. Upon a recommendation to try Dr. Blair Baxter, I am now a believer! I hardly take any allergy medicine. I feel so much better over all. We are very lucky to have Dr Blair Baxter and his wife Jill in Spring Hill.
I was born and raised here. We have grown and have come into the 21 century. Thank goodness, Dr Blair Baxter and Jill chose our town. I highly recommend him and will continue to used their services. Spring Hill has been blessed!


Kim Brown Gentry RN

If you are looking for or even considering chiropractic care then I highly recommend Southern Life Chiropractic! Dr. Blair and Jill are very personable and highly professional. I wish I would have come to them sooner!

My pain was so bad, I literally crawled from my living room floor, out to my car, and into Southern Life. And it changed my life.

As a very active person, the feeling of debilitation because of the issues with my back was pretty demoralizing. However, in just a few short visits with Blair and Jill, I was back on the right track. The debilitation was gone, the activeness was back, and I have the Baxters to thank for it.

You never feel like you are at a doctor's office when you visit Southern Life. Each visit always feels like catching up with old friends. And what does a visit with friends do? It always makes you feel better!

I couldn't have crawled into a better place than Southern Life, and I WALK out happy after every visit!

The business is clearly based on integrity and love for others. It’s obvious in the way they greet you all the way through the diagnosis and treatment. Givers from the word GO- they asked how they can help my business grow pretty much while cracking my locked up back. These are people you just want to spend time with, but don’t let their charm fool ya. The Doc and Jill know exactly how to get you right back on the train to proper alignment. I’m grateful to have met these folks!

I have had great progress after going to this clinic they are very nice and very caring and they want to help me in any way possible to feel better.Thanks Dr.Blair and Jill..

Patient Testimonials

When I started coming to Dr. Blair, I had extreme pain in my right shoulder and arm that originated in my neck. I fell down stairs over 25 years ago and have had gradual pain and stiffness in my back over that time. I even went through physical therapy to improve the pain 4 years ago. After only a month of routine adjustments with Dr. Blair, my shoulder and arm pain is gone! The muscle weakness in my right arm is practically gone! I'm regaining full range of motion in my arm and neck! And I can tell he's straightening my back and neck where the pain originated. I'm a believer and Dr. Blair is the real deal!

If I would have known what I know now about Chiropractors, then I would not have lived in pain for 25 years. Unknown by me, a Chiropractor is a true medical professional and uses non-medicine treatments. I've been taking Advil and Aleve for 22 years due to a car accident and am now 99% pain free. I play racquetball twice a week and after visiting Southern Life Chiropractic, I am playing pain free and my after-game pain is nill. I am extremely more flexible and my endurance has significantly increased. Dr. Baxter gets all the credit. He analyzed my condition via x-rays and a physical exam. His wife, Jill, is always very welcoming and upbeat. I've been going for one month and TOTALLY regret not going sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Baxter and Southern Life Chiropractic challenge each reader of this review to make an appointment. It made ALL the difference in this stage of my life. My wife and I are sincerely grateful for their efforts.

Dr Blair is amazing !!! The office makes you feel at home enough but the Baxter family goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and make you feel better !!!!! I recommend them to everyone and will be a patient for life :)

Dr. Blair and Jill are so kind! I highly recommend Southern Life for any kind of Chiropractic care.

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