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Poor Posture

Your posture not only affects how you look but most importantly how you function.  Ideally, when looking at someone from the side you should be able to draw a straight line down from the ears, through the shoulder, the hip, side of the knee, and side of the ankle. This is the most effective position for our bodies to resist the effects of gravity.  Many people, due to sedentary lifestyle and constantly looking down at cell phones and laptops, have developed forward head posture.  This shifting of the weight of the head forward causes the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and upper back to always be under stress and strain. This can then lead to headaches, stiffness, and early degeneration of the joints in the neck.  Forward head posture also can effect the low back as it causes a decrease in the natural curvatures of the lumbar spine and can also cause constant contraction of the lower back muscles as they react to the weight of the head and shoulders shifting forward.  At Southern Life Chiropractic we perform a digital posture analysis on all of our patients as part of their examination so that we can create a treatment plan with specific chiropractic adjustments and exercises to help improve your posture and how you function.  Call Southern Life Chiropractic in Spring Hill, TN today at 931-488-8255.

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